season 2 behind the scenes with skyler wexler (x)

Anonymous asked: *ninjarolls through your window and releases thousands of bunnies into your home* SOON, FRIEND

i’m so confused but tHANK YOU

Anonymous asked: But.... you reblog tvd stuff and you like paul wesley... but you don't like tvd????

Stefan Salvatore/Paul Wesley will always hold a special place in my heart man. I absolutely loved this show for the first three seasons, it was the first fandom I was ever part of, Stefan my first character crush, Stelena my first otp, etc

But then the show just went to shit, and I literally can’t stand it anymore. I do still love the first few seasons, and of course Stefan Salvatore is still one of my most favourite characters ever, but yeah… not being able to stand Damon/Delena/bad plots has kinda made it hard to love this show anymore

tvd more like tvdont

The One Where Jennifer Breaks Character

Everything started changing the moment you showed up.

gorgejesy asked: heyy! can you please checkout my sideblog? : stulena(.)tumblr(.)com i just started one and i'm not having any followers yet so :) thank you!

oooo yes of course! I love it :)

Anonymous asked: How many followers do you have?

im in the 6000s